Wedding Etiquette
For The Wedding Day

Your wedding day has finally arrived but how do you know the proper things to do? While weddings have relaxed quite a bit over the past several decades, there are still some tried and true things to do on the wedding day. Follow these easy guidelines to have a great day.


The morning of your wedding is a whirlwind of activity. You are getting your hair and makeup done and are preparing for the wedding. Undoubetly you have some pre-wedding jitters.
  • Invite the bridesmaids to dress at your home. Make sure you allow enough time and space for everyone to have room. Make a schedule ahead of time so that you can all follow it and you won’t get stressed.
  • Take pictures at your home. Have the photographer come to your home to take both some staged and candid pictures.
  • Provide transportation to the church for all the bridesmaids. It is okay to have a separate limo for you and your maid of honor or parents if that works out time-wise.

The Ceremony

The church wedding is a stressful time. There are many people in attendance and you are the star of the show! Don’t worry about making any mistakes, as these will not be remembered for long.
  • The maid of honor should help you with your flowers and train and help you adjust your dress after walking down the aisle.
  • The best man should hold the rings until the ring-exchange portion of the ceremony.
  • Programs are optional
  • The groomsmen should arrive to the church early and escort all the guests to their seats. Remember that guests of the bride are seated on the left side of the church and guests of the groom on the right.
  • The parents of the couple should be seated in the respective front rows.
  • Special guests such as godparents and close aunts and uncles should be seated within the first five rows.
  • Leave the church immediately after the wedding to allow guests to congratulate you. You may then go back to the church to take additional pictures.
  • Don’t leave your guests waiting too long at the reception. Get there as soon as you can after the ceremony.

The Reception

The reception is a time to relax and have fun. Yet, there are still some rules of wedding etiquette that need to be followed.
  • The receiving line is meant for the bridal party to greet the guests. The order of the receiving line is as follows: bride’s mother, bride’s father, groom’s mother, groom’s father, bride, groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids. Note that it is optional for the fathers of both the bride and groom to stand in the reception line. Keep the line moving by quickly greeting everyone and allowing them to move on.
  • Spend some time visiting with all your guests at the wedding. Thank them for coming.
  • Ensure that all the pictures are taken with the families and bridal party. Try to have the formal pictures taken early before dinner.
  • Provide a box for guests to put envelopes on the gift table. Assign the best man to remove the envelopes occasionally for safekeeping.
  • Traditional dinner seating provides for a table for the bridal party. New etiquette allows for the newlyweds to have their own private table.
  • Make the bride’s parents responsible for paying the service vendors at the end of the evening. Have envelopes with checks ready.
  • Have the DJ act as emcee for the evening by announcing all the traditional things that take place such as the cutting of the cake and the bouquet toss.
  • The couple may leave anytime towards the end of the evening. They can make the rounds to say goodbye or can sneak out quietly.

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